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About Us

It all started when the kids fell in love with a bunny at the Topsfield Fair.  We bought "Fufflers", our first bunny, 7 years ago at the Fair.  Fluffers (black bunny on left) is a great pet with a very warm personality.  Of course, with any new pet, we spoiled her with a big cage, roaming privileges around our house, then an outdoor hutch.  

Later, I was looking for a hobby and love wood working so I figured I'd build a bigger and better custom hutch.  With that idea, and a little help from my brother and nephew we built a first-class hutch (click here for pictures).

Once we had the big hutch installed, Fluffers seemed kinda lonley.  I thought it would be fun to have a litter of baby bunnies to give Fluffers the experience of motherhood.  At first Fluffers was not interested in mating at all and she turned down multiple attempts from courting bunnies.  Then one little bunny named Bugsy really hit it off with Fuffers and within the month, Fuffers was a mom of amazingly cute babies bunnies.  The babies seemed to have the best characteristics of both of each parent and everyone seemed to absolutely love them.  

We had so much fun with the first litter of "kits", we decided to expand and begin filling the hutch with select bunnies of good breeding stock and great temperment.  Going forward, we now raise a purebread Holland Lops, and purebread Lionheads. 

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