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We believe that raising excellent rabbits requires the following:

  1. Rabbit stock with good pedigree & diverse genetic background

  2. Quality feed and unlimited clean water

  3.  Excellent shelter with running room, ventilation, nesting, & waste management

  4. Abundant human interaction and handling to fully domesticate each rabbit

Good stock and quality feed are obvious and are usually the focus for most breeders.  At Beanie Bunnies, we like to think we go a step further by providing the best shelter and human interaction for each bunny so they develop into excellent pets.  

As with most animals, temperament is a combination of nature and nurture.  At Beanie Bunnies, we first start with rabbits of good temperament and good genetic background.  We then add a lot of human interaction and handling of each rabbit from the earliest age of only a few days old.  This allows the rabbits to develop a familiarity and comfort level with humans and their handling.  This "hands-on" approach from an early age develops "friendly" bunnies.  The natural instinct of rabbits is to run and hide, and we largely overcome this with our personal touch in raising each bunny.  

Along with this approach, we feel it is best to place bunnies in their permanent home as soon as possible so they can socialize with their new family as quickly as possible.  Most breeders place bunnies several weeks after bunnies are weened, but we prefer to place them shortly after weening and when it is clear the bunny is both healthy and ready to be independant.  Placing bunnies earlier poses a small risk that the bunny is not fully socially adjusted to be independent from its siblings and mother.  Although this is a risk, we have not experienced any issues to date with such placements and we see great benefits with bunnies bonding more closely with members of their new family.

Beanie Bunnies takes responsibility for the bunny through at least 8 weeks of age and will take back the bunny within a reasonable period of time if any issues arise and will refund or replace the bunny as needed. 

Philosophy of Raising Good-Tempered Rabbits

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